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Episode 46: The Elephant in the Room

We feel like we have been saying it a lot … but it’s been a week. And this week more than others is full of fucks. We cover the experience of January 6, 2021; how we felt, and how we plan to go forward. Thank you all for listening, we love you.

Episode 42: It Is Time to Give Thanks

In a year that has been … different to say the least … we take a moment to share one thing we are thankful for in the year that has been 2020. An uplifting quick pod for you as you enter the weekend.

Episode 41: Time to Vote!

We have arrived at the end of the long campaign. It seems like the Iowa Caucus’ were forever ago! But, here we are. We sit down and answer listener questions and talk about our hopes for the future.

Episode 38: Chicken Bits & Love

After five years of marriage (8 total together), things get a little real. LOL! It’s been a funny week in our house … we cover that and take a trip down lover’s lane with a look back at our wedding and reception from five years ago.

Episode 37: Maintaining Balance & Positivity

What a two weeks it has been! Our “fuck of the week” kicks us off on the most positive of notes and we keep the theme going, covering how we are managing to maintain positivity in our lives in a BLM, COVID, and political downpour-world. Hug your friends, friends.


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