Season 2

Episode 29: How We Side Hustle

In these times, many people have started to “side hustle.” Richard has been doing it off and on for years, and Steve just started a new one! It’s all about balance and passion. Take a look inside our crazy lives.

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After five years of marriage (8 total together), things get a little real. LOL! It’s been a funny week in our house … we cover that and take a trip down lover’s lane with a look back at our wedding and reception from five years ago. ❤ Love you all!  Use code MANTRA at for 10% off your purchase. If you have more questions send us a message on social media: or
 and you can learn more about Richard here: — Support this podcast:
  1. Chicken Bits & Love
  2. Maintaining Balance & Positivity
  3. Two Down, One To Go
  4. The Case of the Murdered Chicken
  5. Can a Guy Wear Nail Polish?

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