Fuck is Our Mantra Podcast

It’s our mantra. What’s yours?

Latest Episodes

Episode 31: A Hot Seat for the Both of Us

It’s gonna be … June? Instead of us coming up with the questions, we took a few from a recent New York Times article, inspired by Story Corps, and asked each other three questions designed to get to know each other. It was a fun, and quick look at some decently heavy questions. Oh, and we are preparing to celebrate an anniversary in the midst of COVID.

Episode 30: Tasty Cow, eh Meg?

We’ve always known we are special … but our love of the movie Twister is second-to-none. Go with on a trip down memory lane and relive our favorite moments and some back stories along the way!

Episode 29: How We Side Hustle

In these times, many people have started to “side hustle.” Richard has been doing it off and on for years, and Steve just started a new one! It’s all about balance and passion. Take a look inside our crazy lives.