Fuck is Our Mantra Podcast

It’s our mantra. What’s yours?

Latest Episodes

Episode 37: Maintaining Balance & Positivity

What a two weeks it has been! Our “fuck of the week” kicks us off on the most positive of notes and we keep the theme going, covering how we are managing to maintain positivity in our lives in a BLM, COVID, and political downpour-world. Hug your friends, friends.

Episode 36: Two Down, One To Go

Sorry for the delay … that’s what happens when you turn 37 (hint: Steve) and then get sick. But that’s two negative COVID-19 tests out of the three of us. We catch you up on everything and talk about some random but fun things we want to do. Enjoy!

Episode 35: The Case of the Murdered Chicken

A combined “Fuck of the Week” is how bad it was for us. And how does McDonald’s run out of soda at 3.45am!? And we have our second murder on the show … And it’s also true.